6 Feb 2014

Latest Mehndi Design

Here are some latest and new mehndi designs for Mehndi Lovers. Mehndi is now consider as a essential part of fashion, and every girl and women loves to apply mehndi on their hands.

Beautiful Gol Tikka Mehndi Design

19 May 2013

Latest Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs

Some of my Lovely Friends and Followers who are known as Mehndi Lovers, Asked me to arrange Gol Tikka/Round Dot Mehndi Designs for them.Gol tikka mehndi designs are really simple and easy designs but also look so elegant.With the new trends of fashion it becomes very popular because Gol tikka design is now not only the Old Gol Tikka, Now the Mehndi Artists create variation of designs around the dot to make it more attractive.Gol tikka designs are now also very popular in Bridal mehndi designs
Here are some of the best and latest Gol tikka mehndi designs which can also used as party or bridal mehndi designs.... 
take a look.

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Gol tikka mehndi design...
Gol tikka mehndi design for feet
Mehndi tikka
Bridal mehndi design.Round dot mehndi design.

8 Apr 2013

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs are now consider a part of  women fashion.The make up of women and girls are supposed to be incomplete without applying Mehndi on their hands and feet. But in marriages the first thing that brides wishes to do is applying more and more Beautiful Mehndi Design on their hands and feet. So if you or your Sister/Friend or any other relative is getting married, then here I am giving you some Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs ideas for her hands and feet.
Take A Look. 

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11 Mar 2013

Flower Mehndi Designs

Flower Mehndi Designs are equally popular in all over the world. In mehndi designs there are many types of designs which are mainly used to make designs for example flower, leaves, swirls, dots, etc etc. flower mehndi is also known as a type of arabic mehndi,because arabic mehndi also consist of big flowers and leaves and dots.
In Mehndi Designing, flowers mehndi designs are very popular because of its beauty. every one like flowers a lot and if flowers are applied with mehndi the design will looks more beautiful.There are many designs to make a flower with mehndi.
Some of the best mehndi designs are given.

A lovely and simple flower Mehndi Design with Glitter.

A stunning flower Mehndi Design with Black Henna

A beautiful mehndi design with round dot.
 these round dot mehndi deigns are really very beautiful and looks
very elegant  on hand and feet.
A really beautiful and very simple Mehndi Design

A lovely bail of  Flowers...

A very beautiful Pakistani mehndi design

A gorgeous mehndi design adopted from

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

In Pakistani mehndi designs are getting popularity day by day. In Pakistan there is a huge industry of mehndi designing working under Pakistani fashion industry and this business is increasing day to day. here every girl and women are very much interested in applying mehndi on their hands, arm, feet and legs. there are so many mehndi designers working as well. Pakistani mehndi designs are normally not very heavy mehndi designs.they are simple and light and in these designs there are flowers and swirls.

There are some beautiful mehndi designs arranged for mehndi lovers around the world.


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